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  1. Thanks for such a great resource. I have severe DSAP. I recently came across a product called microskin. It is sold as a camoflage type product. It does not rub off on clothes, it stays on for up to a week after application and is colour matched to the skin. I find it useful when going out particularly in the evenings, I think its subtle enough at this time of day not to be noticed. It varies in price depending on whether you have the product matchd to your skin and buy the airbrush or just buy one of the premade colours and sponge application, personally I find the sponge application the best coverage and least time consuming.

    • I am a 66 year old, white female of EU decent, living in FL, raised in OK, returning to FL in 1987. In 2007, I developed pronounced dsap after a bad sunburn. I tried many rx from derm doctors. Then I started using aloe in several forms. The one that has kept the dsap at bay the most is a spray aloe gel usually used for after sun care. I spray on my legs and arms twice a day am and pm. I bought clothes specifically designed to protect for ultraviolet sun. I also started staying out of the sun. In 2008 i was diagnosed with vit d deficiency (bc of no sun) so I began taking D3 2000 iu and still do to this day. If i dont take the d3 i get cramps usually begins in my thighs. I also take krill oil, antioxidents, vit c, ubiquinol, and b12. If I have to get out its usually to go from house to car and car to walmart or to visit family. I feel like a vampire staying out of the sun so much but that is unfortunately best for me. The dsap has lightened considerably. Not cured but much less itchy irratation and hardly any redness on my legs and arms. I use a face cream with spf in it as well but I do not have dsap on my face. My mother and my brother also have dsap. Mine have not turned brown. Aloe comes from the aloe plants inner gel like substance. Also of note, in 2007 I had a test for lupus and celiac which was negative. I did however have an immune deficiency with a titer of 180 which is very low on the scale but an immune deficiency nevertheless. Banana Boat puts out a good product called after sun gell. I buy it 6 at the time just in case the discontinue or run out. You have to be consistent. Spray on your legs and arms am and pm everyday and STAY OUT OF THE SUN! Ps. Im also hypothyroid. Sometimes thyroid problems can lead to depression. Check your throid. Mine was eradiated when I was 17. Hope this helps.

      • Also my daughter has celiac, my grandson from my son has celiac and I am a carrier. I think this is why I have autoimmune titer 180.

        http://WWW.SHEFFIELDS PHARMACEUTICAL.COM,NY,NY.1-800 222-1087.

  2. I am rowing the same boat here. DSAP began rearing its ‘ugliness’ around age 33. And, yes, it has gotten worse over the years. I noticed some of survey response comments and as to how it adversely impacts one’s mental health. Do we know if depression itself has any relationship to the condition? The reason I ask is I have had clinical depression for over 30 years….on / off and treated by meds, exercise, & meditation. My father, who also suffered from depression, was the biological source for my DSAP. Further, I have a brother who is prone to depression and also has DSAP. Any insights are appreciated!

  3. I have been reading about how DSAP might be autoimmune related. I have no other autoimmune disease symptoms, but am thinking about trying the Autoimmune Protocol Paleo diet. After all, it make sense that what is going on inside your body is reflected on the outside. Has anyone tried or had any success with this? I would love to hear about others experiences!

    • I too feel it may be autoimmune related. As I age I’ve noticed I am more sensitive to foods in general. Home cooking is fine but I’ve become intolerant of chemical food colours, flavours and preservatives. I also have autoimmune diseases in my family history so am definately pre-disposed to autoimmune disorders. I have been using Comvita Soap Free Body Wash for 4 months and have noticed a marked improvement in my lesions. They are still there (lower limbs) but do not fester at all. I have been massaging in Comvita Manuka Oil on my lower arms after a shower and have noticed my marks have improved. I’m also wondering if anyone in DSAPland has tried more natural therapies, such as bentonite clay (either applied internally or externally), Iodine Drops or Magnesium Oil. I believe our beautiful Mother Earth has provided natural solutions for all our ills and it’s just a matter of harnessing the vast knowledge of most Indigenous Cultures around the world and also the old remedies our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used before Big Pharma came along.

      • Hi Dale,
        thanks for your comment. You must be in Australia or New Zealand?

        Not sure if you saw the survey results but DSAPers definitely have a higher instance of autoimmune disease than the general public;

        “While 66% of respondents do NOT have an autoimmune disease, 34% do! This is very high considering that only 8% in the general population (USA) have an autoimmune disease.

        Of those that have autoimmune disease, 13% have a thyroid condition”

  4. I’m in tears after finding this page. Knowing summer is nearly here has me very anxious! I have been searching the web for years looking for information and support and as you all know, there is not much out there. I have even started a Facebook page (that hasn’t gotten any hits) just looking for someone to chat with. I will share more later but here is a quick blurb from my fb page.

    I am a 40 year old active mom of two looking for others who have been diagnosed with and dealing with DSAP. I have have been told there is no cure for the condition but continue to explore skin treatments that may improve the appearance of my arms and legs. In the meantime I go between wearing long pants and long sleeves (or one or the other) and deal with people asking me if I have been bitten by mosquitos or have poison ivy. I am frustrated and embarrassed but also grateful that I am healthy. If you are like me, I hope you find this page and share your story, thoughts on possible treatments and other ways to cope.

  5. Thank you for this site. I find it helpful to read what others are doing in response to the condition. I see others have tried a few of the same things I have. I have used sand paper! I don’t manage to stay ahead of the crusty, rough ridges though.

    Previous years I have used some self tanners and did not avoid the sun light. I’m rebellious. Obviously not smart though! I have used a product called Smart Cover along with self tanners. It does rub off on cloths and can be a bit obvious if I’m not careful. I was able to wear shorts and tanks back then.

    Now however it’s spring I have not dared to bare arms or legs. I’m a big fan of summer, the out doors and the free feeling that comes with it. I’ve lost the free feeling.

    I am repeatedly amazed at the careless comments that women blurt out! Then what follows is a lesson in skin care. I’ve also found dermatologists to be very rude. My GP specializes in skin care, was not rude, and did try to help without success. Still he was kind.

    Again, I’m so happy to find this site. I began today using the Perrins Blend. I am hopeful. I am thinking of trying the Cream Complete as well. The testimonies were encouraging.

    • I was given Diclofenac Sodium Gel 3% by my derm. It has drastically reduced the inflamed appearance and scaliness of the lesions. I wear a 100 SPF over the gel.

      I’ve been using it for about a month.

  6. Thank you for this site. I am 65 and fair with a history of basal cell cancer that had to be excised. Other lesions over the years have been diagnosed as DSAP and/or AK on lower legs and arms. No therapies /drugs have ever worked.
    As I’ve aged, they have increased and are now also on thighs, the back of hands and a few on my face. Oddly, there are no lesions on my back (although I remember more sun burn in my youth there than my extremities.)
    In January my GP said he thought I had AK and prescribed Efudex 2X a week for 16 weeks. When that failed to do anything, he sent me to a dermatologist who biopsied 2 spots which have been diagnosed as “Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma”. Dr says not life threatening, but that the lesions are DSAP and need to be controlled. I have been prescribed “Picato” as a trial. The results won’t be known for some weeks, but so far there is no reaction. The patient info says treatment for AK only. Does anyone with DSAP have any experience with Picato? Has it worked where Efudex has not?
    Any examples of relationship between blood cancers and DSAP?

  7. Thank goodness for some DSAP support!!! Here we are in the summer time seeing beautiful golden tanned skin all around us and longing for our arms and legs not to be covered in stinkin DSAP lesions! I am always justifying to myself..”it could be worse”, which obviously it could, although it can be simply consuming at times. I am so happy to come across this page to relate with other DSAPer’s. I use a product called The Balm TimeBalm on my lesions that are the most red and it helps to squelch the angry look.
    We’re in this together!

  8. I posted on May 8, 2015. On or about that date I began using Perrins blend on a few more noticeable spots. I am peppered by the way -arms, legs, and backs of my hands. On my left hand I had a large spot that continued to grow to the size of a quarter. It was extremely scalely and red. It attracted a lot of negative attention to say the least.
    So I began there with the Perrin’s Blend. Morning and evening I changed band aids. It became red and it was often hard to tell if I was making progress. However, I continued. I also began treating a few more places on my left arm. I used the Perrin’s Blend with band aids and on the remaining area of my arm I used Perrin’s Cream Complete.
    I’m happy to report that it is now July 1, and the area I treated on my hand is smooth, and barely noticeable. It remains mildly red. A person with clear, normal skin would probably be upset. As for me, this smooth, mildly red area is an answer to prayer! I continue to use the cream complete on the spot and have notice the reddness is lessening. I wish I had found this in winter. I spent all of May in long sleeves. ( we had an unusually hot May this year, more like July temps) The Cream Complete caused my left arm to inflame for about 2 weeks. I teach fitness. Cardio classes are too intense to cover up. So I just let go of my shame and wore a tank top. Of course everyone wanted to share their diagnosis etc. with me. (This was in the midst of treatment while my entire arm was inflamed and mildly swollen.)
    Now my left arm is smooth on all the treated areas. The Cream Complete also removed a lot of dark sun damaged skin and age spots. I still have red spots that I cover with Smart Cover. I believe that as I continue using the 2 products from Perrin’s I will see normal colored skin. The Perrin’s Blend actually caused the spots to raise up or swell prior to improving.
    Yes it’s messy and slow. And I have so many spots to treat. But with the amazing difference in my hand I’m now aggressively treating my left leg and part of my right. I’m spending a lot of money on band aides and the Perrin’s products. But it is totally worth it to me.
    I’m sure I will always need to treat my skin to kept the lesions at bay. I plan to avoid the sun for the most part and stay covered up while I’m mowing my lawn and other longer term out door activities, and I plan to use Perrin’s products. I’m very encouraged by the way my hand looks and am hopeful now with other areas I’ve begun treating. Thank God for this site where I learned of Perrin’s products. Some said the Perrin’s Blend was painful. I did not have that reaction. I had about 2 occasions that I felt mild discomfort. I did itch like crazy though when it inflamed my left arm. It was worth it. But I tried to begin Cream Complete on both legs and arms at once and the itching was too much. So I backed off a bit. My DSAP is always itchy in summer. It wakes me at night and I scratched till I bleed. So as I said I decided to go on an all out assult on my legs with the Perrin’s Blend. I do have pictures of my progress.

  9. The Medical reference re Dexamethasone is incorrect. It is not about our DSAP but hormones and just happens to be called DSAP. Thought you should know.

  10. Hi! I am new to the site, but also suffer from DSAP. I just turned 30 and have only figured out this year what this was called! My mom has it too. Recently, I started working for a skin care company and found some products in the lines that the company sells make a HUGE difference with my spots. There are other things I have found beyond sandpaper! I want to share this information with everyone suffering from DSAP, but am not sure how or where to post my contact info. Please let me know. If anyone would like to get some more info.
    Let me know your thoughts!
    Jenna Davie

      • I sent you a private message through Facebook detailing the products! Please let me know where or if it is possible to share my info with others! Thank you! Jenna

  11. Hi,

    I am Male of 48 with DSAP for years, it took ages to found out what it was, anyway it has been itchy like crazy for years and the spots keep coming. After reading several websites and some visits by several dermatologist, the last one first got me rid of the itchiness by using Dermovate cream and then for sun protection he gave me some samples of daylong actinica lotion von Spirig Pharma gmbh, well that has changed a lot for me. I can easily walk or sunbathe in the sun, well protected by this lotion, no sun burn and my spots didn’t increase like before. Years before that I have avoided sun as much as possible, there is no need for this anymore – at least for me!

  12. I am 67 and have had DSAP for probably 30 years, and it is only in the last 3-4 years I found out what it was. It has gotten worse over the years, and I have tried everything imaginable, with no lasting success. The one time that I was overjoyed with it almost completely disappearing was about 20 years ago when I was given a prescription for Bextra for my arthritis, as an anti-inflammatory, and it was like a miracle! Then they took it off the market, and my DSAP came back with vengeance. I have a double wammy, because I also suffer from hyperhidrosis of the head, neck and face (excessive sweating) – and we live in Florida most of the year. Air conditioning and our pool are my best friends! I cannot leave the house most of the year without sweat dripping down my face and back. There was something in Bextra that was dangerous for others, but WONDERFUL for me! I felt like a new person when they went away! I am thrilled to have found your site, as I have never known anyone else with DSAP, and it is lonely at times to suffer the embarrassment of lesions and sores without anyone to really understand.

  13. I’m 63 and first discovered my DSAP when I was about 30. My sister has it too. At first, I was distressed that I had hundreds of these ugly red spots all over my arms and legs, and how they ruined the look of my skin. I’ve tried various treatments, to no avail. Several of the lesions have become neoplastic and have had to be frozen off, but I can count those on the fingers of one hand.

    Here is my perspective on this condition: DSAP is a mild, cosmetic nuisance and nothing more. This is not a life threatening condition. We need to keep protected from the sun and keep our skin hydrated. It does not hurt, itch, burn, become cancerous (mostly), cause weakness, nausea, death or keep us from doing the things we need to do in life. I’ve found that the best attitude to have about this is: “If this is the worst thing that ever happens to me, I’ll be in great shape!”

    This is a cosmetic situation. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in any self pity. There are hundreds of other medical conditions that you could really cry about. Just look around you, and you will find many people who are suffering and dying from other serious diseases. Keep this in perspective by smiling and being grateful for these insignificant spots we have.

  14. I found some relief from Perrins blend. I’m not sure how to post my before and after pictures … I agree with the previous comment that this is not life threatening. I disagree with the ‘it doesn’t hurt. I have severe itching. Especially in the summer my arms and legs are raw from scratching till I bleed. I find I have swelling too.
    I had a large inflamed and sore spot on my left hand. In May 2015 I began treating it with Perrins Blend. It actually was kind of calming to cover the sore with the messy balm and a large band aid. As it healed it did hurt some but far less than before treating it. It was itchy and kept me awake nights, but not more than the sores untreated. And a large part of the itch was not the sore at that point it was the glue on the band aid. The sore on my hand was larger than a quarter in size, red and inflamed with yellowish scales that constantly peeled and raised catching on my clothes before treating it … Finally after several weeks it calmed down and gradually smoothed over in about mid to late July. It was still mildly red for some time but that calmed by mid August. I still treat it most days with Perrins Cream Complete because the spots could return. It’s amazing how clear and smooth my hand is there now. It also seems to be healing some of my age spots as well. No I won’t die from DSAP, that is as long as I treat the bleeding sores properly…(lol) .. But it does hurt!!! And if I can do something to heal it I will and I’m not going to stop trying. I’m treating my legs and am seeing much slower progress, still it is progress. My legs have about 4 areas like my hand that are larger, severely inflamed and constantly itchy. I think the condition of DSAP varies from person to person. Keeping a positive attitude and a realistic awareness is important. However if we can help one another I think we absolutely should.

    • Kim, I know just what you are going thru. I am 73, and I begain having
      DSAP when I was 33. I have been threw ____. I have sit on the table for
      doctors and nurses to study my legs and arms and tried everything.
      Nothing works at this point of 3-8-16. Until the government passed
      the law for skin cell plants, we have to learn to live with it like I have and
      stay out of the sun or you will itch, sting, and break out. I have learned
      to much and studied so much until I know that its to late for me to see
      a cure, but I pray that they will find one for the young generation. Most
      people do not know that I have it, they think I am a “hot” dresser and
      I choose nice clothing for my arms and legs. I design my DSAP clothing
      for the outside. No one knows or thinks I am 73. I could almost write
      a book on what the doctors and I have worked on. Be patient, that pain
      and itching will go away, you have just started. But you will be left with
      red spots, and rough skin. Sometimes one will pop out on me, I do not
      do a thing to it, eventually it dries up and leaves a red spot. I can live with
      that. Good luck to you and be patient.

  15. Was just wondering if anyone has tried Organic Apple Cider Vinegar either orally or directly to the DSAP ? Would like to hear from anyone who has tried it. It was recently recommended to me and l have been trying it for a few days. Just wondering if l should continue.

  16. I was just diagnosed with DSAP. I have a myriad of other health issues and have had to be on a steroid for 20 yrs now. I live in FL and spent too much time in the sun I now know. I am trying to get into the yahoo group on here also that you recommended and said you are merging with but it has not acknowledged my request to join. I have been doing extensive research on DSAP and have tried a few products already and am now trying Emu Oil and have Manuka Oil on the way. I have Voltaren Gel from a back injury and will use that also as I read that some have seen a difference with it. I would greatly appreciate the ability to communicate with anyone who has this condition. I am so thankful for your site and the info you have provided and just want to be able to be able to access more of the information.

  17. I am so Glad I have come across this site!! This is great! I am 42 and was diagnosed about a year ago after spending all most 6 months waiting for my family doctor to figure it out. so Back story, I have had a few scaly spots on my lower leg for probably 10 years. Didn’t think much of. Then I got sick and my entire body freaked out and I was covered in spots that itched, burned and swelled and not only red spots but brown ones appeared as weel. So fast forward to Derm. He took two biopsy’s (Plugs) from different spots on my legs. And this is were I get confused there is so much foreign information. He said I had DSAP and that one of the biopsies came back with pre-cancerous cells. Can I say that is quietly sat there and died a little in side. But, went on to say that there was no cure. and that the best option was to try and manage the lesions. And that he couldn’t give me any definite answers as to what my out come would be. That some people never develop cancer and some do. That there is no path that he could look at to let me know where I fit in. This is un- nerving to me. Does everyone who has DSAP have pre-cancerous cells? Is this typical of this condition? Last winter I did the Flou5 and it did nothing. As of this month I am trying Zyclara and it has only been a few weeks but some areas are starting to blister but not all….. is that normal? I am curious as to how others bodies react. On an up note I never thought about concealers, to cover all my spots. I might have to try that !

  18. Has anyone reported any success in using Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray for DSAP? It is basically for eliminating organic odors and stains but users have reported successes for skin ailments and arthritic aches and pains.
    I’m a 72yo male that has been suffering from DSAP itch; it keeps me up many a nights. On a whim, I started using NF about once a day for about 2 weeks now. My itch has significantly subsided. New “craters” seem to have been reduced also. In combination, I have continued to also use Sarna Sensitive and Gold Bond moisturizer.
    Is the improvement due to changes in my body or simply my imagination rather than due to use of NF? Don’t know for sure but will keep using it for now. Curious to learn if others have had similar experiences with using NF to treat DSAP.

  19. I am so excited that I just discovered this site. IDK how I missed it because I have been researching DSAP for years since my diagnosis about 5 years ago. I have tried creams – (not the combination mentioned above – I am going to ask my derm about that) but separate ones such as Carac, Taz, freezing them off, you name it. No success. Last summer I enlisted in a study for AKs at a dermatologist’s office. I did have several on my arm, but I was wondering if the crème would help my DSAP. The drug is Picato. I applied it for three days. Within a week my arm went from a slight sunburn to red, blistering and peeling. It was very achy. The whole study ran a month. Afterwards I was amazed with the results. Not only were the AKs gone but the DSAP had disappeared where I had applied the crème. I will try to attach pics of both my arms. Unfortunately, the study was done on only one arm. Also Picato is on the market but in a lesser strength, not the strength applied in the study. I wish there were studies aimed at this condition. I really don’t think dermatologists are aware of the condition. It took me 4 derms before one knew exactly what it was. For now, I am going to try the combination above….not till winter. Thanks for the information.

  20. Hi all-

    Just wondering about caring for these spots after treating with the freeze off kit. Can you shower? Can the spots be covered with a dressing to stop them ‘catching’ on clothes etc while healing.. especially in the itchy phase?

  21. I began using Hempz Lotion about two months ago. It contains hemp seed oil and has faded and almost completely removed many of the DSAP lesions on my arms and legs. I am thrilled with what it has done for my skin and hope with continued use it will fade all of the spots.

  22. Doctor prescribed Humira injections today because she had a patient with something similar to DSAP that the Humira cleared up. Probably won’t work; but I’ll let you know in a few months. Doc wants to try chemotherapy wraps if the Humira fails.

  23. I have just found this page after searching for info re: DSAP. I am curious if you are an actual institute affiliated with a medical center, or a group organized to gather information from those who have this condition. Please advise.

  24. Has anyone found a connection between SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and DSAP? I’ve been on a low FODMAP diet for a few months now for GI issues and my DSAP has definitely improved quite a bit on my arms (not so much on my legs). I just tested positive for SIBO and am on a strong antibiotic. Will be interested in seeing if clearing up the SIBO impacts my lifelong DSAP. Anyone have any experience with SIBO (or gluten free diets, etc.) impacting their DSAP?

  25. Hi fellow members,
    June (2016) I was diagnosed with DSAP. My immune system has been shot for a long time, the spots have been growing and with no cure, I have been throwing money away trying to balance my life. I wanted to share what I have learned so far. I was going from taking 28 vitamins to support my immune system and it was still not working(rounds of antibiotics) My friend who was a microbiologist told me about IT WORKS greens and probiotics. WHY not give it a try (non gmo and all natural products) I am happy to say that with some sun exposure (still working on this) that I have not been to the hospital for antibiotics in the last 4 months! I am not saying it will work for everyone, but It IS working for me. Please contact me I am using living essential oils (manuka and frankincense) to control the exposure of my spots. It seems to be better than the expensive creams the doctors prescribe. I hope this helps, let me hear your stories. I don’t know anyone with DSAP and need a sounding board.

  26. I was told yesterday that what I have is DSAP. My mother also has it and for over 50 years she has gone to many doctors and they all said it was nothing or they couldn’t see it. I was getting the same response from doctors until yesterday. I tried something about 3 years ago that has helped my mother and myself. Maybe it can help some of you. I treat my arms and legs with ( T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel 100% natural Astringent and then 100% Coconut oil twice a day ). Within a week some of the spots start falling off. I have gone from embarrassing arms and legs to 85% better looking arms and legs. But I would like for them to totally disappear. I also just started adding frankincense and tee tree essential oil to my skin routine yesterday.

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